So the weather starts to turn…

It’s that time of year.  Right now, when the wind is calling, the rain is pouring, and the fog lifts off the ground and curls around your ankles, inviting you to start the journey within.  I love the fall. This is the time that the self-respecting forums stop accepting new members, if only to prevent the rash of work it takes to admin and moderate a whole entire host of newbies with insta-witch fantasies crowding their brains.  If you’re one of those newbies, welcome.  I was one of you, once, and the biggest mistake we pagans make is to refuse to offer a true welcome to people called to the something-deeper in the midst of the magical season dedicated to preparing you to actually sit down and think about things. If you’re not here for love spells and eye of newt, welcome as well.  I’m a medium-hard polytheistic panentheist with core shamanism leanings and a comfortable dash of Irish-mythology based generic ‘wicca’-esque technique.  I offer that oddly typical, transient ‘eclectic pagan’ perspective.  I’ve been practicing\journeying\learning for 17 years, which is also pretty typical, and am happy to share here what works for me. My friends fall from completely different perspectives, from a-typical Catholic to Hellenic Recon to Hoodoo, and the one thing I’ve seen ring true for all of us as we navigate the slightly-taboo and utterly mystifying world of spirituality is this: it’s gotta work for you. It doesn’t really matter what your mom thinks, what your roommate knows, what your brother believes, or even what your dearest spiritual teacher says.  If it doesn’t resonate, click, or otherwise make you do magic fairy-dust kicking mosh-pit dancing flips deep in your belly, Congratulations. You are still journeying.  Those moments are few and far between and worth every wonky step you stumble to get there.  This little blog exists so that I may document bits of my journey, plateaus and all.  I sincerely hope you, dear reader, get something out of it too.  The joy of the internet is all those amazing resources, and after so many years of taking them in, it’s time I throw something into that ecosystem. So welcome, welcome, welcome.  The moon is nearly full and the wind is moving through the trees.  Take a big breath in.  Touch the fog with your fingertips, and come with me.


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