photo of beth rian

So welcome to this little corner of the ‘net.  Two years in, and clearly things have changed.  Like nearly all of my mini journaling projects, for some reason the space becomes “precious” and I refuse to put anything less than complete on it– even when I know it’s just for me.  Inevitably, since this isn’t my job, that means this gets pushed to the backburner and eventually abandoned.

Over the past couple years my “community” online has grown– I’m no longer lurking on just a few sites, but on many more.  Most are lifestyle and crafting/making blogs… and once again, I want to participate.  I’m actually not much of a maker… or a crafter… or really a creative.  But the desire to make is there…  And in fact, it’s not really my community until I join in.  So.

I’m going to pump a bit of life back into this old blog, and see if I can keep myself away from believing it’s too precious to just write something down.

In an additional attempt not to segregate out my entire online life, this blog will cover my more obviously pagan stuff as well as some not-so-obviously-pagan just general life stuff.  Hey, it’s a personal blog.  I get to write about whatever I damn well please.

For a bit of traditional introduction stuff, my CV boasts a graduate degree and a few years of clinical work, and a developing career as a “data scientist”, le sigh.

Additionally, I am:  a 30-something data person and general geek, a bellydancer, certified yoga instructor (I know, I know, who isn’t), an amateur writer, a lover of all things folded and neat, an amateur crochet hooker, a bit of a clean freak, a sci-fi nut, an IoT fangirl (and maker, in that sense), and a panentheist, medium-hard polytheist, eclectic pagan with strong core-shamanism influences and a tendency to kitchen-witchery.

I also cohabitate with a beautiful dog, a wonderful cis-gendered male, a creaky old schoolhouse-turned-house, a not-so-creaky-soon-to-be-lived-in-20’s-reno-project, and a soon-to-be-new dependent.



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